Welcome to Golden Land Myanmar

Mingalarbar! Please remember this lovely word which can be used to greet anyone at any time. Another Burmese word you would find useful would be “JayZuBar,” which means “Thank you!” With these two words, you will find that navigating Burma is a lot more convenient than it seems!

Welcome to Myanmar: the land of hospitable locals. You will find that Burmese locals are extremely friendly and will more than likely be willing to help in your times of need! So, take advantage of the sociable nature of the locals and get to know what Myanmar is like through the eyes of its people.

Green Laurel Land Travels was founded in 2013(REG No. Kha-3580)by the most experienced tour operators and tourist guides in Burma. Our slogan is: “We plan your way, you enjoy your stay” with this policy in place, you can be sure that you will be in good hands and you will experience the best quality time of your stay.

Our sales team is very knowledgeable of all our tours so please feel free to talk to them if you feel that any part of the tour does not suit your will. They will be more than happy to offer advice and arrange for better options.

Our experienced tour guides, drivers, and tour operations team work together to ensure that you will enjoy a trouble-free and memorable holiday in Burma. Again, our tours are extremely flexible and please talk to our tour guides if you would like to change any aspect of your tour. They are fully authorized to fix the tour according to your liking as long as the cost incurred is within our budget.

Your comfort and safety are our top priorities.